People and companies i like: 

Circomedia ( )
Circomedia is an internationally-respected centre of excellence for circus and theatre training.

Cirque Du Soliel (
Cirque du Soleil is a multifaceted creative force

Aircraft Circus (
AirCraft Circus are committed to transforming ability and accessibility in circus arts within the UK

Ecole De Pole (
Improve your fitness, tone up, increase flexibility, gain upper body & core strength, all whilst having fun exploring this stylish and challenging form of dance!

Circus Space (
Circus Space is a registered charity and one of Europe’s leading providers of circus education. 

Rosie Rowlands (
Rosie is a versatile performer, executing her skills with a sense of fun and grace, both in the air and on the ground. 

James Meadows (
Website design and development for 

Jenny Dale (
Photographer who works with Jo Foley 

Bertil Nilsson (
Photographer who works with Jo Foley 


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