Aerial Hoop Spectrum

A beautiful, enchanting aerial hoop act.  Jo Foley twists and contorts herself around the hoop in this dynamic and powerful act.  This piece is set to an up tempo, well known track which immediately sparks excitement.  Jo energetically swings and elegantly spins across the room, whipping up the crowd with her strong presence.  Dressed in pure white, this exquisite act will uplift any event.



"Jo demonstrates unparalleled strength whilst maintaining a teasingly playful femininity. You will not be able to take your eyes off her for a second." - Lady Alex, Wam Bam Club?

" On stage Joanne gets exactly the sleepy sexiness and disdain of the noir dame, and brings it to her performance on aerial hoop by her fluid, unconcerned negotiation of space and the character of her (unusual) sequences and transitions. It's the night's best aerial." …side-show circus magazine

“Neat and super supple.” – The Stage

“Jo Foley balances with catlike charm on aerial hoop” -Guilherme Zühlke

Images of this act

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